Sunday, 7 February 2010

Laser Eye Surgery & Diving

I am out of the water for a few weeks as I had laser eye surgery last week. Well, actually, I had the surgery 3 years ago and had a small "enhancement" to one eye last week. This was due to a slight regression in vision from what had been initially corrected to better than 20:20. The enhancement was carried out by the original surgeon free of charge and so far so good.

I often see queries about prescription lenses on masks, contact lens and diving, and laser surgery and diving: my experience, as someone extremely short-sighted before surgery, is that the freedom you get from not having to wear glasses or contacts is great. No worries about mask floods, losing your mask, getting splashed in the face on the boat, a contact just falling out for no reason ... and so on. The diving environment can be harsh and the fewer things to have to worry about the better.

So if anyone ever asks me, I have no hesitation in recommending laser surgery. Yes, there are risks but there are risks in diving and risks in life.